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Peter Rot - Germany - Type 2 Diabetes (03:23)

Tired of recurring skin inflammations, Peter visited his doctor. At first, antibiotics dealt with the inflammation. But four weeks later it came back on a different area of his body. Tests, which included a full blood count, revealed Peter had type 2 diabetes. He was just 33.

As a volunteer fireman Peter was used to looking after the best interests and safety of others. Now, his diagnosis meant that he had to start looking after himself. Peter learnt that he needed to eat well and get plenty of exercise to get control over his diabetes – even if he didn’t think he had the time for it. “Finding the time, and the motivation, to get out there and go for a jog wasn’t always easy,” he says. “But, I knew I needed to if I was going to stay on top, and in control of my diabetes”.

Even today, keeping to his programme takes a lot of determination. Peter is a proud father who does what he can to make sure his kids have a happy childhood, and that includes renovating the family home. The renovation took lots of strength, determination and hard work – the same qualities Peter applies to managing his diabetes and achieving his treatment goals.

Peter knows the importance of staying on top of his condition. “You have to give diabetes your full attention,” he says. “That means kicking bad habits and looking after yourself.” Peter is a testament to the fact that, even with diabetes, you can live a good life.

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