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80 talents from 20 countries at the Graduate Recruitment Centre 20 and 21 March 2012 (03:12)

A two-day recruitment event has just ended and 32 newly graduated master students with exceptional good CV’s and personal skills have been offered a position with Novo Nordisk. This is the outcome of a global attraction campaign which started December 2011 including online promotion through social media to spread the word about the job opportunities at Novo Nordisk.

This year, Novo Nordisk received the record-high number of 4,447 applications from 107 counties for the 32 graduate positions. After 400 phone screening interviews, 80 applicants from 20 countries were invited to Denmark this week for a two-day base camp with company presentations, personal interviews, innovation exercises and working together on a business case.

Today, 32 top talents with a global mindset will be offered a two-year position with three rotations starting in September this year.

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