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World's largest study on type 2 diabetes show that up to 80% have complications (02:34)

New data show that too high blood sugar levels, delay in beginning of insulin and a high level of diabetes-related complications remain common place for many people with type 2 diabetes across the world.
Baseline data from A1chieve®, a type 2 diabetes study with 66,726 people from 28 countries across Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America, were presented at the 71st American Diabetes Association Congress in San Diego.
Up to 75% of participants had cardiovascular disease. Up to 84% had other diabetes complications including kidney disease, eye problems, foot ulcers and neuropathy2. This data however also differs between the regions.

Commenting on the data, Philip Home, Professor of Diabetes Medicine at Newcastle University, England said:

“This data highlights the constant need to improve the management of type 2 diabetes patients globally. It is clear from the data that beginning and optimisation of insulin therapy is often delayed, resulting in poor glycaemic control leading to diabetes complications.”

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