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Record-high interest for graduate positions in Novo Nordisk (02:01)

The Graduate Programme in Novo Nordisk will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year with a record-high number of students applying for a graduate position. 3,516 potential candidates, 92 nationalities, with an average age of 27 years have applied. The number of candidates has increased by 30% in relation to last year.

Social media activities have played a central role in the recruitment campaign where current graduates have engaged in dialogue with potential graduates on various social media platforms, for instance the newly launched graduate blog with video on Novo Nordisk’s website.

"Social media has proved to be an effective channel to get a good dialogue in place with candidates from all over the world. It is very important to us that potential candidates get a good understanding of Novo Nordisk and our values so they are able to assess if we are the right match for them and their career goals", says Lars Christian Lassen, senior vice president, Corporate People & Organisation, Novo Nordisk.

Novo Nordisk graduates are employed for two years including a posting abroad. When the Graduate Programme was launched in 2001, Wei Sun, who is now senior global product manager in Novo Nordisk, was hired as Business Process Graduate:

“Being a graduate opened my eyes to different areas of the company and gave me a broad perspective on how a large pharmaceutical company operates and how different areas are interlinked. Rotations in both the headquarters in Denmark and abroad have greatly expanded my career opportunities”.

The Graduate Programme is an important talent pipeline for Novo Nordisk, but to become part of it, applicants have to go through a demanding selection process.

80 students from 18 different countries as diverse as US, China, Poland, Russia and Nepal have been invited to attend a two-day programme at the Graduate Recruitment Centre in Denmark on 29–30 March. After two days of interviews and workshops, 31 candidates will be offered a position in Novo Nordisk, where they will start in September this year.

Read more about the Novo Nordisk Graduate Programme here:

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